Breach Outdoor Furniture

The brief for this project was to activate a space within the city of Florence through the use of outdoor furniture. It was decided to develope the shaded area at the Exit of the Uffizi Gallery which is currently under constrution with Arata Isozaki's design. The design is broken down into three concrete benches, each named after the three Italian islands, Pantelleria, Linosa and Lampedusa. These islands are the first port of entry for most of the african immigrants to italy and in keeping with this idea, the benches provide warmth (internal heated concrete mass bench), security (bicycle racks) and shelter with high backs shielding them from the river winds. It was chosen to do this to show peple exiting the Uffizi the work done within Italy and the issue of trying to sustain and provide for an ever growing immigrant population.

Darragh O'Loughlin, Designer/Maker

Studio Luden,

Unit 6, The Stables, Tulla,

Co.Clare, Ireland.